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The Gym Closet (A Krave Gym Podcast)
TGC 048 - Firefighter and Sports Talk (w/ Trace Ball)
August 16, 2018 Tyler Robinson MA ACE KCFP
The Gym Closet (A Krave Gym Podcast)

TGC 048 - Firefighter and Sports Talk (w/ Trace Ball)

August 16, 2018

Tyler Robinson MA ACE KCFP

Coach Trace Ball joins the guys in The Gym Closet and talks about some things that have not been touched on in the fire fighting profession.

They talk about some of the "real" side of the job. If you or anyone you know is struggling with suicide please visit or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline @ 1-800-273-8255.

Trace interview 3:15

Sports Segment with Trace 23:00

On the Road Again 44:00

Athlete Shout Out 52:45

Today I Learned 56:18

Couch Potato 57:50

Coach Trace Ball joins the guys in The Gym Closet and talks about some things that have not been touched on in the fire fighting profession.

They talk about some of the "real" side of the job. If you or anyone you know is struggling with suicide please visit or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline @ 1-800-273-8255.

Trace interview 3:15

Sports Segment with Trace 23:00

On the Road Again 44:00

Athlete Shout Out 52:45

Today I Learned 56:18

Couch Potato 57:50

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:01Yeah, you'd know if you know a bunch of them. We put them in here all the time. Yeah. See that's the ones that you like. You wouldn't, you don't know. A lot of artists and then I played tons of songs. You'd be like, you'd start saying it just because you hear it all the time, but I hate most of them. Are those artists? Yeah, I think you'd like. He was. Oh, I know him. He was good though. Yeah, he can live. He was, he was like 28. No, I mean like he's been in the game like I liked him when he was underground. Now he's starting because of the Edm Shit. I think he's starting to get more particular. Like I used to like him when he was just white rapper. I'm going to pull this George Watsky. He like, he was actually cool back then in my mind because he was just wearing a leather jacket.

Speaker 1:0:49Like just. Yeah, and you didn't like the word for hipster was right? Yeah. What is his leather jacket? A history thing? No, saying that you'd like to band before they were cool. That's a hipster theory hipster thing, but then how long has he been around and he's like, how? He's not even old. Not Old, but I've seen those mix tapes. I knew him in college when I was in college. I was like eight years ago, eight, 10 years ago. I realized, Holy Shit, that was forever ago. I was being sarcastic. Those 2008 to the present. Right. But he's only two years older than I am. He's 28. You got to get to work and you got to get to work. He's killed. I've literally heard about them this year. That's what I mean. Like now he's like famous or now he's getting like actually famous, but he was, you know what, who is the kid that, uh, the, the guys that are saying, I love college. Oh God, what are Asher Asher Roth? He came up at the same time in a sense, whenever I don't hear about an artist's anymore, I'm like, oh, they got hooked on drugs. Fucked on. Goldberg Berg. It was new. That was the farting joke.

Speaker 1:2:35Welcome in to another episode of the gym closet. It is Wednesday, August 15th. We got a great interview today with one of our coaches. Trace will be talking all about his experience with being a firefighter coaching and we get pretty deep into some subjects that are, you know, the harsh reality of some of the things that a lot of these people go through that we're talking about and celebrating the season with first responders in the military. So let's get right to that interview right now. Alright. We are here with Tracy. Coach Tracy, everybody knows coach trace. He is a coach here at Crave Jim. So if you have been in the gym, you obviously know who he is. What you may not know is he is also a part time firefighter for Anthony. Okay. That's what I thought. I was a almost. What is it? Trying to do the right ways.

Speaker 1:3:33The toner facing? Yeah, the toner. Just. Yes. Alright, there we go. Cool. Now we got it. Okay. Same, same, same. Same intro. Way To way to fuck the intro. Oh, you're welcome for fixing the microphone. Oh yeah. I think he was good. I don't know. Anyway, but anyway, welcome in. Yeah, welcome. I was expecting a more of a Pat McAfee style and drove, but I was about to get to and I was going to rattle off some highlights, but then that got interrupted because there's team highschool, honorable mention all conference. Honorable Mention. Yeah, I mean that's like a coach's anticipation or a first team. All American. And where'd you go to a high school? Uh, so I grew up in eastern Iowa actually, um, muskateen high schools where I am from and that's where I graduated and then I played two years at Iowa central in Fort Dodge and then I played a year here in town at grandview, balled out, played three years of

Speaker 2:4:33fall and then I was kind of ready to be just kind of a student. Um, at that point I had been a broadcasting major. I thought I was going to be the next Jack Buck

Speaker 1:4:43or Harry Carey. I thought I was going to be a sportscaster is like, ah, I don't want to do this. So this is right up your alley. The whole a podcast. When I was at grandview, I actually hosted my own two hour show every single week, no shit about sports

Speaker 2:4:58s and playing music and then so to kind of get back. So I. What I did was I was in broadcasting, I was done with that didn't want to play football anymore. So like all right, what do I want to do? And that's when I kinda started the firefighting thing because it always been in sports my whole life. I'd always been. My Dad was a football coach so I basically grew up on a football field so I had always loved like the team aspect I played, it was a four sport athlete in high school. So I was like I want to do something where I have to stay in shape and I still have kind of that brotherhood. So I was like, my brother in law was a firefighter. He still is actually, he's a battalion chief in Burlington. So I wrote along with him one day.

Speaker 2:5:34Once I wrote along with him, I was hooked. So that's what I wanted to do. So I got all my certifications for that. Got My emt license, uh, I moved back to Des Moines in 2011. Um, I searched for about a year and a half to try to get on a department and at the time, no cities, we're really hiring. It was right in the midst of all the cities in the metro budget cuts, didn't find a job, so I was working part time. I'm at high v while I was finishing my classes at Demac and then I stumbled onto a job with Iowa beverage, the Miller coors distributor. So I started working there full time actually. And I started making really good money and I was working good hours. I was like, you know, I'll just put the firefighting thing on the back burner. Um, fast forward to last summer I had changed jobs to a new sales position and unfortunately I lost my job.

Speaker 2:6:22So I have a family, I have two kids. I was like, okay, I need to find a job, but I want to do something I love now. So that's when I went back to the firefighting and I started working here at crave and I remember the day that I lost my job, one of my really good buddies that I worked with said, hey man, this is going to end up being a blessing in disguise. And it really was because now I have two jobs that I really love. Um, things that I've always been passionate about. I've always loved being in the weight room and working with athletes and working with all the members here at crave has been unbelievable. I've made so many new friends and then I got hired by the Anthony Fire Department so everything kind of came full circle for me. So it was Kinda kinda crazy how everything worked as and can even.

Speaker 2:6:59So I've been working in a for anthony since this spring, so about four months now. Oh Shit. Okay. So I'm a rookie. I was just of funny, right? What did they call you? Yeah, it's a new guy, but, so a new dude. Kenny is a very unique department throughout the country really because most cities, like I said, are still kind of hanging onto those budget cuts and they're closing stations where anthony is very unique. I'm sure you guys know and listeners know how big and kinase just their population's exploding. So we're actually opening up a new station in September, so they've done three rounds of hiring, so there's a lot of young guys in the department is kind of funny. I'm 29 and I'm kind of one of the older guys, which is kind of weird being the rookie of the group. Um, but I'm older than a lot of them.

Speaker 2:7:46Yeah, there's a lot of guys in their early twenties, mid twenties. Um, which is kind of fun too. I mean there's some old veterans, but the, I didn't expect it when I got my first fire job that I'd be kind of one of the older guys. But that Kinda makes it fun though too. Sure. I was going to say you went through a lot before, you know what, what is like, what's, what's going through your head, you, you know, you have this career that you ultimately just kept because you know, you were making good money and you had, if I had a family, so you just had to do it. So then your hand was forced. What, what made you not search for another kind of cushy job and really go with your passion? Um, was it fucking done the office job and that was like, that's not my personality if anybody knows me, that's not my personality at all.

Speaker 2:8:35Um, and I just, I really miss that team aspect and it seems like there's so many workplaces and I'm sure our listeners and you guys have worked at places where like counting the morale is down everyday and there's always people complaining about something and there's not really that common goal and you know, that helps motivate me as, as a person. Like if everyone's striving towards that common goal, sales is like everybody for themselves, like can even be cut throat. It sometimes, you know, and that's not me, I'm too, I'm too much of a nice guy for that, so I really wanted something and so that's why I circled back to firefighting is like, okay, I'm going to get my emt license back because I still had all my firefighting certification so it was pretty easy decision for me and then yeah, that's just kinda how it worked out and best decision I made so far.

Speaker 2:9:19So what are your hours look like? I'm working right now. So right now I'm still on my probationary period, but actually I take my final probationary test on Friday. So wish me luck. Good luck. Um, so right now I either worked 12 or 16 hour shifts because when you're in your probationary period, you're not allowed to work overnights. So most days I worked 6:00 AM till 10 PM. Um, so hopefully next week I'll be starting to work the 24 hour shifts. So most departments you work 24 hours and then you're off 48 c work one day, then you're off two days. So that will be my schedule going forward. Hopefully. Hello. How long do you, and this is me asking you as a, as a a gym owner, how long do you know in advance of those? So how Anthony Works is you submit your schedule, your availability hours on the 21st and then the Po, the schedule is posted on the 25th.

Speaker 2:10:07So you know, you know, your whole month schedule five days before, five or six days before the month starts. Pretty similar to logan at a emt, right? As an emt. Yeah. I think that's how most departments generally do it. Or for the part time guys anyway, if you're a full time and then you just know you're there every third day. I mean at Anthony Right now there's so much availability. I, if I wanted to I could probably work every third day. Which get the, the, the hours that you want. Absolutely. That's good though. What a, what's a day look like in, in, um, at the station. So 6:00 AM is when our shifts start generally everybody's there by 5:30 or 5:40 at the latest, just in case we had this actually yesterday morning. If a call comes in at 5:45 or 50 slash 50, you want to give the guy that's getting off shift that courtesy because a lot of guys, especially if they're getting off at six, they're going to pick their kids up to take him to school.

Speaker 2:11:00I'm relieving their wife, whatever that may be. So we started about 5:30. Typical day you come in, you check in all the trucks, um, whether you're on an ambulance or an engine, you check all the equipment, double check, triple check, make sure everything's good, check your rig, you clean it, make sure everything's where it needs to be. Then we usually have a kind of a morning meeting to give the rundown of the day, the lieutenant on the shift. We'll kind of walk you through the day whether you have inspections or anything out of the ordinary. But that's when the tour starts at about 7:00 AM. You get all the chores. So me as being the New Guy, get the chore list of Mop All the floors, clean this room, clean that room, which I kinda like to be honest because that keeps me busy because there are some days where we don't have a lot of calls and then you're just kind of not. But I don't want to say bored because there's always something you can be doing. But uh, to stay active and just kind of get that stuff done, then we usually have, we usually have breakfast as a crude about

Speaker 1:11:548:00 AM after we have all of our chores done.

Speaker 2:11:57Um, then you kind of have your own time until launch. A lot of guys work out between breakfast and lunch, which I'm usually one of those guys. Um, and then lunchtime, then usually some guys like to take a nap after lunch if we don't have any calls. And then we just, usually the evening is pretty much everybody's own time. But I would say most of the guys throughout the day, if we're not on a call, they're either reading or they're studying. Um, that's what really surprised me the most so far is how much guys are just constantly studying and trying to advance that further degrees or get to that next position. So I mean there's not really, I mean I know that kind of TV and the movies, it's Kinda all clown time and playing pranks on each other and watching movies together, which there is some of that, but it's a lot of nose to the grindstone and make sure everything's in place where it should be in. A lot of guys are just studying in their spare time which is, which is good for a guy like me because I can sit and get things done.

Speaker 1:12:52Do you have like a, anybody do you guys have like Ping Pong and pool and we have a ping pong table but I have yet to see it used. Really. I'm, I'm at station two. Um, most of the time stationed one, they have a pool table and a ping pong table, but no basketball hoop, which is disappointing. I think there may have been an injury in the past. So they threw the basketball boy. Yeah, I was gonna say if I have a big warehouse, first thing I'm getting into the big ass bags. If you drive by the, uh, station for West des Moines on Ashworth and Valley West, I always noticed when I drive by, they have the basketball hoop out back and never actually seen anybody out there. I'll have to ask. I was gonna say there is fire department has a basketball. Has asked Steve about that if that a basketball hoop.

Speaker 1:13:33I mean all of us are competitive guys. I imagine that all the firefighters are. Oh yeah. I can imagine. You throw in some Yak, right? Yes. I could imagine throwing some in the, on the basketball court, getting I can see a thing. He knows every per my coach ever said he text me after somebody out lifted him at his station like this ever in his life. Was He like at a home gym or at a or whatever gym. It was always. Some new guy came in and I lifted him and he was like this, it gets competitive. Not so much in the weight room as I would say the weight room's kind of A. I don't know. Everybody Kinda does their own thing. Some shifts. We'll do a group workout. My shift doesn't, we kind of. Everybody just Kinda does their own thing. Sure. Um, there are some group put workouts posted once in a while, but I was gonna say you're going to coach them up at all or once I get there once you get some tenure, but you know, the new guy, you can't come in and tell people how to do it or what they're doing wrong.

Speaker 1:14:32That'd be tough. That'd be tough for me obviously as you guys know. And people at the gym. No, I like, I like to make people laugh and I like to crack jokes and as a new guy you got to kind of really walk that line. You can't give somebody who's been on who has more service time than you, you know, you can't really come in and just cracking jokes and fun of people, which

Speaker 2:14:52I've had to bite my tongue a lot. Like nothing malicious. Just I like to give people a hard time and joke and it's like any guys work together, guy, you can't, you can't do that. It's, it's as close to being in the military without actually being in the military. Everything is chain of command and service time and respect. You so busting the wrong guys balls, right? Yeah. And it's, the fire service has gotten, I don't want to say more laxed, but it's not as hardcore as it used to be, which is a good thing. And in the fire service a lot. I mean it used to be a really macho thing, you know, like don't take, don't show any emotion, don't take any calls home with you. And sure. That's everywhere, right. I mean it's gotten a lot better too. And as far as like being a new guy there, I mean they give you a hard time, but it's nothing.

Speaker 2:15:39Nothing offline for some horror stories of some guys that just got relentlessly picked on. But have you had to clean up any, any human beings? Vcs? Yes. Oh yeah. Isn't that like the new guy's job like you? Pretty much. I mean there's shit on scene as far as cleaning up. We don't really. I mean if it gets on the ambulance or whatever, then yeah, you're cleaning it up. But I mean that, I mean that's why all the cots are wrapped in sheets and towels. So once we realized that that's going to be the case, we throw extra stuff on there and then we kind of just slide them off to the nurses and the hospital got that real dirty work. It'd be seen any crazy shit go down since you've been on my first week. We got a call for a seven day old baby.

Speaker 2:16:28That was for sure the toughest call I've been on. The baby had a brain tumor, so it was technically in hospice care at home. But um, being a father, I have a son that's six months old and then a daughter that's two years old. That was definitely the toughest call I've been on. Um, and kind of going back to what I said about the fire service kind of changing, um, it used to be, you just didn't talk about the call, you just, you can talk about it with your fellow fire to firefighters, but, um, I don't know if you guys know this, but out of any profession besides military police officers and firefighters have the highest suicide rate out of any profession. So sure, they've done a lot of research on that. And so right after the call we had what's called a critical call stress debriefing, which basically one of the chiefs comes in and you kind of talk about the call, how you feel about it, what you would've done differently.

Speaker 2:17:22And we actually handled the call. Great. Um, we got the little boy to the hospital. Um, he was terminal. So I mean, it is what it is. Um, that's just kinda the cards you're dealt. But we did our job, we kept him alive, we got him to the hospital, we provided the best care possible. Um, so yeah, that was a tough one, but I mean, you see interesting stuff. Last shift, we picked up a guy that was severely intoxicated and he was funny. He was a friendly, friendly guy. Um, some of our medics knew them by first name. He was a frequent caller is they say. But yeah, I mean there's a great thing too is you get so many interactions with different people and just different, no day is remotely close to the same. So that's what's fun about it too, is everything is different every single day. So there's constantly new things that you see

Speaker 1:18:13that debriefing thing logan talked about but did the exact same thing for the emt, right? His first days it was like a suicide. So then they did the same thing where everybody sat down and they talked about what they saw and what they needed to do and if anybody needed anything else. So I mean that's a great thing that they've started doing. It's, you have to recognize that

Speaker 2:18:31facts, like I said, with the suicide rates and stuff and alcohol abuse too. That's another thing that's really big in the fire service, especially after guys retire. They're able to cope with it while they're in service. But then right when they retire, they hang it up. That's when

Speaker 1:18:46you have that alone time and. Well, yeah, even like, um, some of my old coaches are both emt and firefighters, like they get, they get super serious when they talk about that stuff. Like, you know, I joke around with them all the time, whatever, when they get like what could happen or like how they, like they personally know somebody that has had problems with that. It's, it's, there's no jokes. It's, it's, it's a really good thing that they've gotten that. And what they're finding out is it's exactly the same as military guys that are coming back from overseas as PTSD. Just, I mean, for so many years it just wasn't talked about to be a man man up. Right. You're fine and very. That shit. I mean, that's what I was 20. Yeah, exactly. In a lot of guys have said, um, the being in the service for so long when they first started calls didn't bother him, but it's the cumulative effect. It's all those years, all those calls, they slowly start to build up. And that's really what gets a lot of guys. It's not just the one acute change in, you have this one bad call, it's a timeline of 20 bad calls or 50 bad calls or whatever it is. Something will trigger. And then I mean that, that it's changed your outlook on life

Speaker 2:19:56in general, you know, all you see is a bunch of. Yeah. And that's the thing too about getting help is you can't just go talk to somebody that hasn't experienced what you have because they can't say, oh, I get it. That's why a lot of departments in Franconia is one of them. Um, or trying to start a peer support group with fellow firefighters and even police officers where you have someone that you can talk to that's been there where you are, because that's a lot of things. Our department actually just went to a conference about this subject and I was city had started this program and they found some psychologist or psychiatrist that they thought would be a fit for their program. And one of the first cases a guy was talking to this person who was supposed to be as peer support starts telling the story and I can't remember if it was a guy, a gal that he was talking to, I just started sobbing and they're like, well, we're done.

Speaker 2:20:53So we're gonna have to find. So that's why it's. But it's, they've taken such big strides in another area they've taken strides in which a lot of people don't think about is I'm 33 percent of career firefighters have been ending up with cancer. And so they figured out that the gear that you're wearing into the fire, if you think about all this stuff that's burning inside this building is full of carcinogens, gears, you're taking that home with you. And for years, guys never wash their gear. Um, our department, we just got two brand new trucks and all of our gear. So I know in your mind you picture, you hear the bell ring, the guys jump in, they put all their stuff on, then they hop in the cab. That's no longer with our department. We keep all of our gear on the outside of the truck, so you riding your normal clothes.

Speaker 2:21:38Then when you get to the scene, you put on your turnout gear rules. We're trying to reduce that time that you're in that gear because it has all that carcinogen, so the standard for now, once you get back from a fire, you wash your gear immediately, you take a shower within the first hour, you give it back and then they want you to work out within 24 hours to sweat. Well, so yeah, that's a big thing too is that's something you wouldn't think about it. Yeah. I didn't think about that too, but that was one of the first on my very first day we spent an hour going on cancer prevention and all. You got to think about how deadly it is. Just you know, to inhale smoke obviously, but then you would never think about that smoke and all that shit is just sitting in your pores on your clothes.

Speaker 2:22:20So yeah, if you don't. Yeah, we don't get into that statistic up there. The initial study was done with the Boston fire department and they found out 33 percent of their firefighters were ending up with cancer. So that's one out of three chance. So it's insane. That's more than that. So if you have a group in your truck, have four guys, one of you is going to have cancer and that's scary to think about and that they've taken notice of that and their hell. Yeah, that's nuts man. Hey, the future is a good thing, right? Science, you start to learn shit and then you take, hopefully you take steps in the right direction, you know, so we do normally when we get into segments and we do some different things, let's do it. Let's get more positive getting into the other two.

Speaker 2:23:11But uh, so normally we do all these segments, but do we have any. I was going to say, so you, you were in broadcasting, you want to do sports broadcasts and do we have anything that is sports related in our, any of our segments that hard knocks starts tonight, man. That's true. Browns who your stripe cares, right? I mean, they're talking about the site, I don't remember what radio shows listen to like every year it's like there's a team like, Eh, don't really care, but then once you actually start watching it, you kind of get sucked into the little characters below.

Speaker 1:23:46Like the guys that are right on the cusp of making it. Those are the ones that are most interesting. Yeah. I don't even watch it though because it's been the jets. I don't care the cardinals. I don't care who else is in Dallas for the Dallas cowboys were five years ago or something. Really don't care the bucks last. I just think it's interesting. Would it be like the personalities of some of the guys? Because it brings me right back to when I played because every locker room is essentially the same. You do, you have a melting pot of all these different personalities, socioeconomic backgrounds in the. You all come together, so kind of like the firefighting thing. That's what you're going for a common goal. So you can have five white, rich kids and six poor really black kids and then everything in between and you're all coming together and that's what makes a locker room so great is everyone.

Speaker 1:24:37I mean you, you that for me and I'm sure you and in all of us, I guess had been in that locker room, you know, I feel like you get, you learn so much from just the stories of locker room. That's why I kind of started this right, is because I wanted to get some people's stories and just continue to learn from people that are, have different backgrounds and, and all that kind of stuff and learning about. And that's what I learned that almost like an acceptance thing too, like that, that weird kid on your team that normally wouldn't associate with like you're in the locker room with them constantly. Like Jimmy Jimmy Lee Jackson,

Speaker 1:25:20battle tested, battle tested. So you know everybody's going to have your back and it's just different than a normal office. That's when. So my brother played in the NFL obviously, and that's the one thing I disliked about the nfl is when it becomes a business, a lot of times it takes, you have to certain individuals that are all about them and now it's turned into a business a lot more. Obviously the good teams have that camaraderie at browns. I don't know, but I don't know about that. I mean how many of the new guys is Tom Brady talking to know? Yeah, that's true. That's the one thing that, that trevor did say is you have to earn the comradery. Like there, there were guys that, there were guys on the offensive line, like the offensive lineman's historically like a really, really tight knit group, right? Because they're not getting traded around a bunch.

Speaker 1:26:05But trevor also said like when you get new guys in, you don't talk to them until like whatever their deadlines are and you know, they're on the team because they're going to be gone. Most of them are going to be gone the next day or whatever. So you don't know, you don't invest too much in those relationships. But. But yeah, I mean it's crazy how that kind of turned me off to the NFL and just because I know the business end of it, which is kind of a pain, it's kind of a, I dunno, you're making millions of dollars. It's got to be about business, right? You're making millions of dollars beating your head. How about the new rules that are going to be out? So yeah, I to watch the game the other night, but I've heard it like someone, somebody said it the best where they said it's going to be really bad in preseason. They're going weigh over, call it when the season comes around, they're going to not. Because there was a rule similar to that where it was like during the priestess ever was like, oh my God, this is never like saw. The reps were like, all right, we all said when they, when they change this year's rule that

Speaker 3:27:01like Oh, this would have been called like three times last year. Right. Well Shit. Well we'll see. I, I think that it will be fun. I don't even know what the rules, but I think there'll be fun. It it, the defense is going to have a. it's basically, it's an authenticity. It's basically. Yeah, but I mean it's basically like heads up. Yeah, like normal heads up football. You cannot, you cannot. Normally it's like you can't lead with your helmet, like which they meant crown down right now. You can't lead with your helmet. Meaning contact first with your helmet. Yeah. Which,

Speaker 1:27:34what situation is there a rule that expressly says drop kick people? I, that's what we got to start. Just start diving in to like I, I there, there is a clothesline line rule or something like that. Again, typically dropkick don't think so. Needs first. How are you going to drop? Are you going to pick them up and drop them to kick the no drop cap. Do you think that would be the coolest? Whatever. Didn't they do that in water? What they did it in a. Oh, what's it called? The longest yard when I'm talking about, but we need the NFO here. Quick, quick question. Real, real fast while we're on the fire or back to the firefighting topic

Speaker 3:28:27that the Logan who's an emt. This same question, who works harder? Firefighters or emt?

Speaker 1:28:35See our departments mixed. What do, what do you mean? So everybody is either you're either emt, medic or firefighter, so everybody's pretty much interchangeable, but throughout the day call with you. Then like the emt Soso, the ambulance was going out at the same ambulance and engine usually. Always go out to. Yeah, they always go out together. That's cool. That's different. Yeah, it is. So I've never seen on West des Moines then. Uh, yeah, he's a western ones. Different. They have their ems and fire is separate where most other departments, everything's mixed. Most I really in Austin they're separate to. Oh really? Yeah. But like most, most Paso it's separate. Yeah, pretty much everything. No around here in the metro area is the same. Yeah. So we go, there's a new fact I had no idea. So basically with, and the engineer, they will never be on the, the engineer is, is the driver for layman's terms, that lieutenant is basically the guy who should be fairly educated and Amanda Right now, which is awesome. So they're always going to be on the engine, but pretty much everybody else interchanges. I'm on a shift by shift basis. One day

Speaker 2:29:43the medic will be strictly on the ambiance and the next day he'll be in the back of the engine.

Speaker 4:29:47So. So then do you have to know because I know I'm like the firefighters in Austin, they know a lot of the basics or the. If they get to the scene first type of stuff, they're really, really well versed in that. But like once it delves deeper, more medicine more or whatever it is, that is the next step of that. That's when the emt comes. That's their knowledge is all that. So then do you have to know more emt stuff than what I'm thinking of as an

Speaker 2:30:10bridget? So everyone on Anthony Fire Department is at bare minimum and emt most guys are paramedics, which I will be going to paramedic school in January. So the paramedic is the guy that's basically calling the shots, given the drugs and making the decisions on the transport. So yeah, that's really cool. I had no idea. Yeah, most departments are that way and that goes back to that budget cuts that I was talking about back in the day. There were guys that were just strictly firefighters. Will the cities were like, okay, why don't you become an emt or a medic too. So we're getting two birds with one stone. So. And that's I think honestly in the next 10 years all firefighters will have to be paramedics. Yeah. Unless they're like new guys coming on, I should say tenured guys, they will be grandfathered

Speaker 4:30:58mixed those sayings. So I think that in Austin they are emt certified but not a paramedic certified, which would be the defense. Okay, good question though. Very interesting. Yeah. Well it started off as me kind of being a sarcastic asshole and asking you.

Speaker 1:31:12No, I get, I got a good spot. Yeah. And then probably because of the haircut, it's not where you start, it's where you end up. Yeah. Right. But that is nice. You're watching a shaved my head today. He ain't got a great crew cut over there. Military issue felt good. Did you do it yourself? No, I almost did. I was standing in my bathroom

Speaker 4:31:30with clippers on, on top of like a, a trash bag and I was like,

Speaker 1:31:34the hard parts, the back seat my own too. But the back, I was worried about lighting tracks. Yeah. I was worried about having tracks, like little nurse

Speaker 4:31:42sticking out. So I was like, all right, I'm not going to do it. And I actually have no idea what like number my clippers are. I don't know what, like, what length

Speaker 1:31:51it would have been told a garden. And we are, we are, we are an anti Nazi podcasts. So that could've gone wrong for you to real quick. Yeah. Yeah. I used to go down. It looks 16th inch man. Just my wife put a Kibosh on that. Too many people in the smarter was like, Oh, why did I, why did I have my hair? That short short

Speaker 2:32:14a good look. So anything you want to end with, um, you know, we kind of always tried to end it on a positive note, but if you could tell anybody something about yourself, what is, uh, what's one thing that everybody should know about trace? Oh, I love to make people laugh, man, like, like to make people laugh and smile. I'm kind of shy at first when you, when you meet me, but once I get to know you, I'm gonna. I'm gonna. Try to push your buttons

Speaker 3:32:40and get you to laugh, but I love it. The biggest thing about me, life's too short to be a Dick, right? Yeah. Yes. Yeah, yeah. Awesome.

Speaker 1:32:50This podcast bumming us out. That's I my favorite thing is left as a lot about. But let me tell you about these stories. I think a lot of that. I think so much good information. I mean talking about all that kind of stuff and that's one thing.

Speaker 3:33:09That's the one thing, you know, that I also wanted to point out and we'll link some, some things and if you can help us link some things under this podcast, we'll make sure that you know, that anybody that is having problems that might have been in this situation or not, um, you know, we'll, we'll definitely link some resources for you so that, uh, so that we can make sure that this topic, you know, when we talked about, um, you know, firefighters and police officers and military suicide rates and those kinds of things, we'll definitely link those. But, um, again, thanks. Thanks so much for the information in so much for stopping in and checking out the gym closet. You've already been out in the gym.

Speaker 1:33:50Yeah, we might as well another world I'm here. Yeah, it is. It is. You Got Shane over there in an Arizona state shirt holding the American flag. The picking up old pieces of gum in the middle of the pod was correct. Was that come out of your mouth and stick it up my ass. Dude, you do that all the time. Every time you do that. I think that's fucking gross. Usually minimum of five times. Okay, and you're going to that. The gum on the floor is not yours by the time I put it in the trash. Oh, that's gross. Why can't be chomping gum during the podcast? Could spit it out elsewhere. Not Stick it on your jump away. I've seen it. Minimum five times five. You're talking. It's my gun, but I picked it up and now it's in a piece of paper, so suck on them.

Speaker 1:34:37We talked about hard knocks. We got at least give our predictions. I don't know who's your guys' teams? I don't even know. Dallas cowboys were Jordan and our enemies then because I'm embarrassed. I'm embarrassed. All right. Is it really enemies though? I mean when was the last time you guys want anything? One, anything. Not In my lifetime. 80 five is near as much as I, as far as I'm concerned, the NFC championship and as close closest I got to go and everybody gets. If we're talking about lifetimes, maybe he has one in your lifetime. My lifetime. Maybe not your guys. I forget that you're that young. So I was alive, but I wasn't, you know, I'm not watching football at four years old or maybe I don't know why. But who's your team? Tyler? Dallas, Dallas. Cowboys Fan when I was a kid because like Emmett and see the.

Speaker 1:35:24I mean you have to like Emmett deion sanders, troy aikman. Oh, you do? Why not? How can you acknowledge when they're younger? Just like, it's. So I also played like my first before I started watching football, I played for the quote Unquote Dallas cowboys right in literally. So like that was my team because I played on them and I just haven't adopted any other teams. The steelers, my dad's on the steelers. Yeah. How are you guys going to be this year with, uh, your quarterback? I think the barriers. I think I'm a little over optimistic but I think a better shape than. Or are you talking about whiskey? I mean he really impressed me. I thought you were talking about the steelers. He had just mentioned the steelers. No bears. Yeah, I dunno. I think they can win nine or 10 games or defense has really, really improved. They need Jay Cutler. Do you guys have on? Yeah, like to Cutler, cutler to man his new show on e. have you guys seen that with his wife? Oh Man. If you want to laugh, watch that. He just like is everything that you would imagine. Just doesn't give a shit about anything. And why would you? I mean that's, I'd love his attitude towards a game. Right? And his player, all his teammates loved it too. We all rallied behind him. Believed in who he was as a person.

Speaker 1:36:42I'm definitely. Okay. So I love his attitude when it comes to management and to the coaches. But of course you can't, you can't treat your teammates were, what were the two wide receivers they had? Um, Brandon Marshall and John Jealous on that one season where they are today. That was the one forte was just, they had a who was there really good tight end. Not Greg Olson. They traded him away. That was horrible. They don't like to listen. They had Greg Olson, they don't like to players do the, what's the deal with that? Their management is horrible. The worst ownership. Every tillman like peanut it. It showed a staff as an FBI agent. Now is he really? I was going to say he's military, right, but it's not sure, but it's forced fumbles and interceptions in a career and then like you have like Charles Woodson and Ed Reed way over here for an interception were like this terrible radio and then very far like Julie's peppers, who's got a whole shit load of fumbled, strip sex Charles Tillman by himself.

Speaker 1:37:50Dude, he just come in with that club buddy. You're just so good at it. The interceptions and fumbles in his own little island. I mean it was an incredible stat to look at it and it showed the number of people on there that were more closely bunched. I didn't know he was that good. Oh Man. He would wrap up with one hand and then literally just straight punch right on the tip of the ball every time. Man he was. That was back when the bears had a legit defense when lovie Smith was their coach and then they had mike marts and that. Who's that trestman clown. He was God man. Horrible. Who's gone kind of just, uh, just enjoy watching the game, watching the athletes compete and that's Iowa and Iowa state. I've never really, I've never really had a team. I mean if I had to choose it would probably be the packers just because just because I had just said my, my, my grandfather and my dad took me to my first gay nfl game at Lambeau, so double check guy.

Speaker 1:38:51So I went to Lambeau and experienced that atmosphere. So I mean that's all I can really tie to. There you go. Having a favorite team or anything. What a good answer. Have you been to Lambeau Jordan? Have you been? I haven't seen. I haven't been to soldier yet either. I saw that seeing the bears play. I've been to Neapolis in Dallas, Dallas, but then the new, the two big Joan's world. It is. I mean it's awesome. One of my good friends went and watched the game against the Vikings and he's like, he's like, it was huge, but there's like, he's like, it's like almost quiet in there and he's like the people in front of me. One lady was knitting and then another lady was reading a book. He's like, it's just like not. I went when stadiums. Awesome, but the atmosphere, I mean that could have been that game too. I mean, I was going to say

Speaker 3:39:35I went when Dallas Played Oakland raiders on Thanksgiving and it was, I think in our section we had like five fights and people got Oakland fans got kicked out.

Speaker 1:39:47Oakland. No, no, no. That was fantastic. If you had a Dallas Jersey on, you are so, you know, I don't know that I've been to a whole bunch of cities that have nfl teams, but what Dallas does is so cool. They changed the lanes of traffic going into the stadium to accommodate the number of people, so four lanes that are two way. They shut everything down and have green arrows pointing this way and this. All more of those lanes are going this way and then four lanes are going that way. It's nuts. Their whole city does an entire thing just for their games. That's awesome. Cool. Yeah.

Speaker 3:40:22Was pretty cool to see. Yeah, it was. It was a. It was a bad ass game. The stadium was awesome. The screen is so big that I caught myself like because we didn't have great seats obviously. So. Well, uh, ambers dad did and we were, he was like down a, there's like a, a mezzanine thing that goes down on the field. I don't know if you've seen that, but he was underneath and we got to go down on the field for like, yeah, but he only had like two tickets there, so we took turns going back, but the other one is up in the nosebleeds, but I ended up just watching it on TV. Kind of. Yeah. But he was good with that giant screen. Yeah. You have hockey or an Ohio state fan? I'm a diehard Hawkeye Fan. Okay.

Speaker 1:40:59Being from Muscatine, we were like 40 minutes from connect stadium. Had season tickets. Nation. All right. All right. I like that. I'm an oddity. So I like everything Chicago, except for baseball. I'm die hard.

Speaker 3:41:11Cardinals Fan, cardinals. I have to be like, I knew that they're kind of at least they don't have a rivalry with the cubs. See I'm, I'm a Boston fan when it comes to baseball, but I don't, I have no idea why, whose I am Red Sox, they're killing it this year and they're getting through are dominating.

Speaker 1:41:30They got a chance to set the record for wins in a season. They're talking about that today. What's that? Nothing, nothing.

Speaker 3:41:35That's what I, I have a hard time with. Like I just can't keep up. I have an APP on my phone, like how do you watch like I will watch or listen to minimum 100 games. Fuck that. Like maybe not my app, maybe 10 times the whole season to see where they're at. That's nine more times than I am and I used to be worse too. Now with kids, like I just like at night I don't have time but like I used to watch is that your favorite sport is baseball. So baseball was always my love. Even though I played football in college, I just, I was not a good enough hitter to make it anywhere. But yeah, I always loved baseball. I loved playing baseball as well and then I quit for football when I was a junior in. That's like my biggest regret that I've ever, that I've ever done in my life for some reason.

Speaker 3:42:20Well, when I didn't go pro in football, I looked at like the pro bench on football and I looked at the pro bench in baseball and I was like, Yep, I made a mistake. Yeah, I look a lot more like these guys quitting baseball. I quit baseball because I got bored of it to join wrestling, so it did something good for me. They have their opposite seasons. No, no, it was when I was a kid. They were real similar seasons really. We played fall ball. I played a show. I was going to say, you're from Texas baseball. When I was a kid I was the only state that has some are. Yeah, everywhere else is spring. Yeah, they don't have was the only stadium. We had spring high school and then we had summer legion ball, so it was like high school. It was like unaffiliated high school, but it was all the high school coaches play on the high school team when you were in eighth grade because that was the only cool thing about I will be in summer because when I was in eighth grade I played on the high school team because I was technically a freshmen and so yeah, we couldn't include that in five years because you ended in summer.

Speaker 3:43:20So like the state championships would be in like middle of June or like that's how, that's how we were two and then we do, they have legion ball down there like legion ball was like our summer league. It's like big. It's bigger than high school, like Aau Baseball, but just, yeah, affiliated with the. I don't even think it's affiliated with the high school, but it is coached by all the same coaches as the high school and played by all the same players as I suppose just work around. Yeah. So, well we appreciate a trace coming on. We're going to wrap up here in the gym closets if uh, and we are back in the gym closet. Huge thanks to trace for great conversation, not only about, you know, being a firefighter, being a coach, all that kind of stuff, but also, you know, shedding some light on some of the more grim parts of amorous glamorous parts of um, you know, the job and what they have to deal with.

Speaker 3:44:22And so we'll have some links in the description for anybody that is going through anything but now let's go into some. We have some awesome segments today starting with on the road again. So I was a weekend of, on the road. We had a trip to Detroit. So it was a 10 hour drive on Thursday. And you guys chose to go to Detroit? Yes, yes. Chose to go to Detroit. We uh, we visited family in Detroit and uh, did some business stuff there as well. So that was exciting. And, but the drive is a 10 hour drive if you rocking and rolling, right? Yeah. And it turns into a 12 hour drive real quick. If your kid's shitting every hour on the hour, it was bad. Is that, have you heard that? Or is this a week getting to know? We're getting into, uh, experience with, uh, with that. So it was, it was a crazy, I think we stopped like five times before Chicago, so like we got to Chicago in like six and a half hours instead of four instead of four.

Speaker 3:45:27Four and a half. Yeah. Which is crazy. But it actually worked out well that leg of the trip because Chicago traffic can be shit. Hell. And we actually skipped. So we left at like noon, so we actually skipped it. We got there at like 6:30 versus getting there at like five, 4:35. So that actually helped us out. So I think, I think, yeah, I think Pearson just looking out for us. Um, but then, you know, Sunday got real quick. So my question for you is, what is your goto stay awake on the road? Oh, sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds are 100 percent. One thing that will keep me up. Okay. See what is it when you are dieting and you don't have the macros for? Uh, for that I, I have, um, when I was sticking pretty close to my macros, I have chewed sunflower seeds and spit them out without swallowing.

Speaker 3:46:12It's still the same thing. It's just the, the message or the movement of just stay away from that. That's what I would do. I started dipping again. Like I don't, I don't shoot him very often, but you guy instead, like, you got two options here. I got to stay awake. So, you know, I, I was, I was drinking a lot of Diet, pop, drinking a lot of monsters. I think I had four monsters in one day just on that trip. And then, uh, and then between that chewing gum, even some, I got to the point where like, I couldn't do any more gum for adderall. Ooo, that would have been a good idea. Now to cut me, I'm always nervous because I haven't even tried that. And so I don't know what it would do for me. It just, I have some. Actually when I take it, it's just like I've only.

Speaker 3:46:57I took it to study in college and then when we were driving back from that long ass trip from California, like half of one, I just kind of grind my teeth a little bit and like I have to move my hands a lot. So like I was gripping the steering wheel, it sounds like. Well, you know, I mean if I had to use a word to describe it, it was a lot like the time I tried meth amphetamine, methamphetamine. But yeah, so my uh, staying awake was chewing, which is, you know, bad habit to get into. Luckily I don't think I have a super addictive personality. Um, so like I, I've chewed seasonally for like, and then I stopped and then now like the summer comes, if I'm going to golf and I'll, I'll chew and then I won't. I don't think I need anything he wants and it's the only tobacco product I've ever tried to borrow from my feet as well.

Speaker 3:47:46I did my first. I did my first time as well. I was like, no, never get that was the worst. Right. And that's a good story. I'll, I'll, I'll dive into that story. So we did it. So like if you're so good in high school, right. And so we went to the, the varsity team goes to, you know, the, the duck pond, which is basically a lean to with picnic tables underneath and you sat there and chewed, right. And you just sat and hung out and hung out with the guys. And so me being a Newbie, being a freshman, never chewed before, uh, I, I throw in a little tiny tiny pinch. Right. And it was a berry blend school to this day, if I smell it, I might, I might puke. So take a little dip and then a buddy of mine goes a, you're a pussy, put more in so like 15 minutes.

Speaker 3:48:36I'm already kind of feeling a little more pressure. Kids. Yeah. Yeah. Peer pressure don't do it kids. And so I had to do like a little add on and so like I start, I've been in, I ended up, I spit it out and like I don't remember two hours of like, of time, like it was that much of a high. But I was like, I don't remember for two hours was, it was insane. Shit was spinning and I was, I was puking in the kitchen sink at like 7:00 at night and my parents come home and they're like, what the hell are you doing? It's like, it's like a Tuesday night. So it's like, they're like, they know that I wasn't like drinking or anything or like, what the hell are you doing? I was like,

Speaker 4:49:15I chewed and it was not good or like, you deserve it, go puke in your own space, your own roots. And so that, that was my first chewing story. And then my first was my last and it was, we left a country bar, like a dance bar, whatever. And my buddy who chewed all the time, he's like, you know, we're drunk. And he's like, just fucking try it. And I was fine. But his mom picked us up. So, you know, Pasa like we're the country bar is, is over the mountain. It's literally, you have to drive over the mountain to get to where I live. Um, so as we were driving over the mountain, I had to roll his mom's window down and I puked out and covered the side of it and Puke in, had to wash it down. When she dropped me off, I was like, I'm sorry you weren't thinking inside the laughing.

Speaker 4:50:01She was just like, wow, you're an idiot. Did she knew you were drunk too drunk? Probably the worst time to try that are in college. I mean it was late and I never tried it. I have no inkling to try it and it had no, no desire afterwards being, yeah, surprises me being a wrestler in college, ton of wrestlers shooting, I just, I called them all idiots constantly sit in the room and I was like, you're all fucking gross. Right? I mean it does. It helps you when you're dieting, right? Yeah. I kids that would swallow it on purpose to throw up, to make weight. That's the 1:12 pounders that were like, I mean they basically like shrunk themselves, their entire. Those, those kids are like the ones eating tide pods today trying to puke. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm thinking of tide pod back in the day.

Speaker 4:50:48Tight Bud. Good for him. So yeah, that's my on the road again. Tell me, you said you had, I have a little bit of an on the road again. So we, this Sunday we went to the state fair and I hopped into an uber and I was a little into the sauce and sometimes I'm feeling a little feisty when I'm into, into the sauce and not like, like I'm going to fight you, but like somebody says something dumb or they like, you know what I mean, like call them. I'm going to call them out on it. So we get in the car and the uber drivers like, Hey, I bet you guys would go into the state fair. Oh. And you know, my friends are like, yeah, we are. He's like, how did I know that? And so I allowed it. I was like [inaudible], we have to put it in the location for you to pick us up.

Speaker 4:51:25And my friends were just like, oh God dammit, like awkward silence. It's just quiet. And then I kept trying to talk to him, so then I'm like trying to ask him questions and stuff, like just being friendly, like what I think is just being friendly. I didn't mean to be a d I, they had to explain this to me afterwards, like, Jordan, you were the Dick, you started it by saying that. I'm like trying to ask him questions. And I'm like, hey man, so how long have you been doing this? And he doesn't answer me. So he just starts talking to my friend who's sitting in the front seat. So the third question I asked that he doesn't answer, I look awful. Who's sitting right next to me? I was like, can you fucking hear the words that are coming out of my mouth? The rest of the drive, all of us sat in silence and it was early dude, super 10 minutes of just silence. And my friends given me the mean mug. They're like, fucking asshole. That is hilarious though, Dude. I was like, let's do this. Let's, uh, have, if

Speaker 3:52:19you have any uber stories, I want to hear like some cool Uber Story. So anybody that wants to comment in some, some uber stories or some taxi cab confessions, shoot those over to us and we'll kind of go over those because that'll be fun. We'll, I'll let me write that note down so that. So that I can continue to remember to do that next week. Taxi Cab Confessions. Let's do that. Awesome. So yeah, so getting into our next segment, let's get into a athletes shout out. So we got a one shot up for sure. I'm Ashley downs. She competed at Bush. Is it Bush stadium? Is that what it's called? I don't know the name of the stadium. So it's St. St Louis? Yeah, I think. I think it's Busch stadium down there where the cardinals play, I believe. Yes. Okay. And so, uh, so there's a spartan race that, that they do a stadium Spartan race where you're running hill or you're running stadium stairs all inside the side of the stadium.

Speaker 3:53:15So that was really cool. She got first in her age group. That's fucking awesome. So huge shout out to Ashley all wall sport supporting her a crave gym. You Crave Jim a tank, which was awesome. Yeah. So, so that's the first one, right? That says little little, uh, you know, little athlete sponsored athlete action for her, but um, she is absolutely killing it. I think that I need, I need to check but I'll double check with her, but I think our national ranking is like, like, like I think she's nationally ranked place that if you like, I think she's, I think she's up there so we'll double check with her on that and get back to everybody on that. But um, the second one that I wanted to go over is a, some of the challenges today. So we had a, Adam Bjornsen went, went point four, six, six, five, three, three minute curve challenge today. So he, he did that at 5:00 AM and I believe. Did somebody get that? Did somebody beat him here this afternoon?

Speaker 4:54:11I think. I think somebody in the 5:30 kind of gotten point for night. Yes. Yes. He shot a little bit of background on Adam and I's curve challenge is way back probably like a year, year and a half, maybe two years ago. I set the curve record for half a mile at two minutes and 41 seconds, which is very, very good. Not a day later Adam gets on there and just whips my and he says, fuck yeah, your record. I think it was 2:38 or something, but was but was fine afterwards, like could, it, could have kept going and finished his workout and was fine. I almost died a little background on, on Adam. He is a, a previous track star, so he is a monster. He is a beast when it comes to running. So he kicks ass on that. So a little little challenge today, Jordan. So he probably wouldn't. You wouldn't even have a train today. Were you ever. You weren't even going to try to challenge. I was going to come in and do upper body and then I saw Adam won the first one. I was like, I'm in, I'm in. I got to do that. So, so congratulations

Speaker 3:55:17Jordan, you qualified for the championship. I actually just got done making our um, I'm in the middle of it. It started raining, raining when I was getting done, but I just got done doing the, uh, the championship trophies, which are bad ass. And before you leave you got to check them out because I, I'm pretty proud of them. I'll admit that. So we got those ready for the championship on the 30th, which is a Thursday, which is a Thursday. This last Thursday of the month. This Saturday though, we have a, just an announcement from Craig, Jim, we have our community park workout that is at fair meadows at 9:00 AM on a Saturday. So if you or any of your friends want to join us, it is a free workout for everybody in the park. We're going to be doing some fun stuff. Then those things are osteoblasts. Yeah. Lastly blast. That's. I'm going to make a shirt that says this is a blast. The blast crave gym. So that's kind of our announcement for craven and a athlete shout outs as well. And did you have a today? I learned.

Speaker 4:56:15Yes, I did. Awesome. Today I learned that time seems to speed up as we get older because each year we live is a smaller of the total amount of time we've been alive. It's called proportional theory. So you know, people always say fucking blown time seems to speed up. It seems to me that there's a literal theory on why that happens or a reason or whatever you want to call it as to why that occurs. That's crazy. This time. Space Science Bullshit, you know, mind blown like I don't understand like it is. So like highschool, sped by, right? Then college faster and then the last 10 years, my God, right now everything. It just blows past that. So it's just insane. You know, I give you a hard time about being old, but you're still, you're only 30, 31. That's a third of my life though, bro.

Speaker 4:57:03Still that a long time to go. How fast is it going to be when you're 50 or you're 60 years old? I mean even like, does life even happen at that point? Are you just like, I think speeding. Cling onto that. At some point I'm just going to slow everything down. I'm going to take like nine vacations. It doesn't matter. You're doing. Your little slip is going to be speeding. All of a sudden he's going through high school and he's going to be. You can't slow that down. That's true. That's true. I don't know what. I don't even want to think about it, but it is, it is how. That's, that's insane. That is actually a, a proportional time theory. Proportional, proportional, proportional to look it up, folks. That's insane. That's that. I'm glad a today I learned as well. You know what's going on.

Speaker 4:57:51So now we also going to go into a couch potato. So my couch potatoes, not that. Not that great. I'm still bingeing when I do cardio on Dexter, which is still good. I haven't gotten through the first season. Yoga means I need to do some more cardio. So, uh, but I'm still, I'm chopping away a half hour today and that's the thing, right? The episodes are about an hour or an hour long, so they're long is a long drawn out episodes, a season or something and it's long. So. So that, that's my only couch potato. I haven't. Um. Well I'll, I'll take that back. I did start watching on HBO. Hard knocks is on. It's the Cleveland browns and boy, do they look bad? Yeah. That's what we talked about last time. Was that who cares what my opinion to that. Of course they're going to be bad. Yeah.

Speaker 4:58:35Everybody is talking about all the talent that bringing in. I don't care what they do as long as Hugh Jackson Jackson is, as long as a bag of milk is that team, he's going to lose this. So soft that above all else. The stat that I read last year where I was like, oh, he really is the worst fucking coach in the nfl was that the Cleveland browns led the league in yards per rush. Really? And we're in dead last in attempted rushes that has the better than they did and they did it the least of the whole league. That's, that's terrible. That's like a microcosm of what, so that's why it's like, oh, we brought in Jarvis Landry. Brian, it's like you guys can have all the towns in the world. Jarvis lender is a bad son. Corey in Josh Gordon is one of the best, didn't have all the the alcohol problems that

Speaker 3:59:22he had and he's got his head on straight. That dude is going to be the best receiver in the NFL. You can get over Antonio Brown. I don't care if this guy is insane. It's insane. Two Games in a row and he was drunk for both of them are good for him. Think about that. That that demands the question. Is it better? Is he better drunk or sober? Is being sober on the field going to hurt him? No, I think that we're about to see a Josh Gordon has. It is about to be unleashed. I don't think the world is ready for what we're about to see. I genuinely believe I'm excited. I'm excited. He'll be. He'll be. Hugh Jackman is coach so he'll get it. He'll have huge. It'll average 20 yards a catch and he'll probably be like a hill his best that will be blocking or something stupid like I could not believe the have you had, have you had like a, a coach that is just like over corny and like you just don't see eye to eye with.

Speaker 3:60:17So everything that he says just kind of seems like. I mean, I've had coaches that are just blatant. I don't, I don't know if it's because they're over according to that. They're just blatantly bad and they don't know what they're doing. Yeah. I've had those coaches, so to me like watching this, he just seemed so fake. And so he's like talking about earning your shit and he starts off. He starts off by saying, I guess after the first season that they went over, he said, if we don't clean this up, I'll jump into Lake Erie. So then he went to a second season of Ofer one in 15 or whatever. Yeah, whatever. Sorry. Yeah. Um, but then he, he did, he was like, he was like making a big deal of him actually jumping into Lake Erie. He's like, we have to cleanse ourselves, we have to do this, do this.

Speaker 3:61:03Just corny shit. Jumped in Lake Erie and I mean, hopefully he wins the game. I, I will say this, he, he, him jumping in Lake Erie was against his doctor's orders. He supposedly has a serious heart problems and his was like, do not jump in that lake. I, I, I will say that. That's, I'll just say that. I'll just say that. I don't know, I just, I don't understand that. And then he, uh, he did an interview that said I about five times when he was just saying like, I came here to win and I am going to win and I am going to do this. And I'm just thinking the entire time, like, good, you have a team. Good thing the NFL isn't fully of adults. Know that. Read into that stuff. A bunch of kids that don't know, like, come on man, you're talking to adults.

Speaker 3:61:48You know, all of these people, all of your team is going to take that personal when you say I. and if you lose a game, it's going to be you, you, you lost that game. We as a team did not lose the game. You lost the game because you are responsible for this blah, blah blah. And then it's just going to tear the team apart. It's going to be bad. But um, go ahead. I, I went on a tangent there, but go ahead on your couch. Potato. Oh, a. not really a couch potato, but following up on the followup of the rich and the followup was the rick tmobile was in Des Moines,

Speaker 4:62:20Iowa today or on Sunday and I went to go visit that and I got to take pictures. What is the rick movie? Like the Oscar Meyer Wiener car. But with rick just giant vehicle that. Is Rick drooling? Is it pickled? Oh, it's. And then there was a blowup pickle. Okay. So we took a picture with the pickle rick in front of the ric immobile. And then luckily enough on one of the pictures, Mr Poopy butthole and got right into the picture. So it's pretty, it's like the three of us with pickle rick in front of Rick with Mr Cooper butthole. Right behind. Can't beat that. No, it was. That's awesome. Yeah. That's all it says is cool little event. A lot of people were there. Was that at the. No, it was a pizza. Oh really? Okay. Cool. Random thing. But a ton of people were lined up to get the merchandise and I couldn't help myself.

Speaker 4:63:06I went up to the people that were in line and I was like, hey, why are you guys waiting in line for this? You know, you can buy all that on Amazon. Right. It was like they wanted to get it signed by Rick. Well No. Here's one person was honest. Another person was full of crap. One guy was like, no man, I don't think you can buy any of this stuff online. And I was like, which is a good business model is to create a shirt that is only provided immobile, that stops in one city every three days. Only let people buy from there. And not to put it on the largest selling internet website in the entire world. I think that's a great grill. Somebody else was just like, oh man, I know I could get all this crap on Amazon, but it's the novelty of getting it while I was here. And I was like, I respect that. I respect that. I respect the hell out of that. And I was like, all right sir. I'm okay with that. We'll take that.

Speaker 3:63:57Yeah, I'll take that as an answer because that's a, that's, that's an honest answer. Here's a good shirt that you got from the ric Brown, immobile rather than Amazon's droids or drones or whatever. Whatever they're delivering things in these days. Shanika going gonna be delivering here relatively soon. So, let's see. Do we have anything else going on today? Again, thank you tracy for uh, for the awesome conversation. Um, let's see. Anything else I think we are out of here? Please go on and subscribe rate and review on our podcast, on itunes, stitcher, or Google, or you can go check us out on Instagram at the gym closet podcast. And I am t are crave strong, crave with a k and you can check us out at the gym at crave. Jim Crave Jim West des Moines a soon to be craved Jim. Walk key. We'll have a couple of them. And uh, so yeah, so that's exciting.

Speaker 3:64:53We'll, we'll kind of go over that next week. Remind me and we'll see where we're at with that, uh, because I've been getting a lot of questions about that as well. So we're not, we're gonna try to be as transparent with everything as possible and let everybody know the process and the headaches and everything that goes with it. So, um, thanks again. Uh, again, we are a at tr craves strong. I'm here with at Jordan Dot Hildreth. Drop us a line taxi cab confessions. We want them here. You want to hear them? And we will be sharing those on our next episode. So a lot of you guys face.

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