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The Gym Closet (A Krave Gym Podcast)
TGC 050 - Heart & Hustle (Cardio Season) Talk
September 03, 2018 Tyler Robinson MA ACE KCFP
The Gym Closet (A Krave Gym Podcast)

TGC 050 - Heart & Hustle (Cardio Season) Talk

September 03, 2018

Tyler Robinson MA ACE KCFP

The Guys Talk about all the AWESOME things going on @ Krave Gym! They preview Heart and Hustle season. In the next season Krave is teamed with Susan G. Komen for some awesome events and will be hosting a Pinked Out Training Session on Oct. 1st open for the public and will be joined by survivors!

This episode dives into all the fitness details of Heart & Hustle Season!

At Krave Gym our goal is to inspire athletes to achieve things they once thought were impossible BOTH in the gym and in the community. Our TEAM Training Sessions are proven to be more energizing, motivating, and keep you accountable. We might be at different places in our fitness journey, but we are all in it together. Join us for Heart & Hustle Season!!

This is just one example of the good that can be done by a team with the same goals!

To book your free training visit our website at

The Guys Talk about all the AWESOME things going on @ Krave Gym! They preview Heart and Hustle season. In the next season Krave is teamed with Susan G. Komen for some awesome events and will be hosting a Pinked Out Training Session on Oct. 1st open for the public and will be joined by survivors!

This episode dives into all the fitness details of Heart & Hustle Season!

At Krave Gym our goal is to inspire athletes to achieve things they once thought were impossible BOTH in the gym and in the community. Our TEAM Training Sessions are proven to be more energizing, motivating, and keep you accountable. We might be at different places in our fitness journey, but we are all in it together. Join us for Heart & Hustle Season!!

This is just one example of the good that can be done by a team with the same goals!

To book your free training visit our website at

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:00Oh, this song I was listening to the song got me jacked up. It was on A. I don't know why I liked it so much. I know it's from something, but I don't know what it's from. With what the song is playing. No, it will be. Oh, it's writing right now. Of course the hell it should be coming.

Speaker 2:0:29I'm thinking about and dreaming about some jumping. You're. It's

Speaker 1:1:52alright. I'll give you that right now. I was thinking like dragon ball z.

Speaker 3:1:57good job. Talking about some like a. like Jack. I'm going to go dead lift so hard. This is shit that I like lifting too. I don't listen to that. Jack upstart pens on the day. Like all the. Other than to wonder wall today. Yeah.

Speaker 1:2:19Like third eye blind. What am I doing? Do I need to get into a rhythm or do I need to lift heavy like squats and dead lifts. I'm probably listening to something that has a lot of base. The bangs real loudly and has a very high pace. If I'm doing like, I love listening to like Gary Clark Jr when I'm doing legs, if I'm doing fucking lunges and step ups and need to get into a rhythm, you know what I mean though? I'm weird though. I listen to like podcasts. I'll listen to like slow shit, like just, I don't know what it is just at the time, but I don't need anything. I got to at least be an original object. I gotta I gotta fit it live, right? It doesn't have to be like, that's like I said, like I just have to let that helps your rhythm feel moving and going and like I like to listen to like happy upbeat songs when I'm doing arms because I mean, what am I going to get? Like screaming mad to do a curl for $30. I know that there are people that do that. I'll get. I'll get you.

Speaker 3:3:17No, I'm all right. That's awesome. Welcome into the gym closet for another episode. This is our 50th episode episode. So I'm here with Jordan Dot Hildreth at Zach downes. One is out coaching right now doing a dang the Dang thing. Uh, putting the athletes athletes through their paces. So that's awesome. I'm going to awesome episode for you today. We are going to talk about our heart and hustle season. Positive

Speaker 4:3:43actions, create positive results, talking about doing healthy things this season, eight weeks of kind of a health bootcamp and also doing extra cardio, extra and extra endurance for heart and hustle this week. So, or this season we're going to be talking to him a lot about that today. We also have a couple of segments so we have athletes shout out and we have today I learned what do we want to get into first,

Speaker 1:4:11Matt? Well, I'll tell you what, I have a little bit of a story as to why my stomach hurts a lot right now. Why does your stomach hurt a lot? We, uh, so I've been part of a fantasy football group. It's my old, like my real tight group of friends from back in high school. We made it so that we would always be able to talk to each other for know three or four months of the year. We basically are forced to interact, interact with each other. Um, and so normally we do challenges like every year to see who, who gets to pick first. Okay, let's start it off. I can't even, I can't even remember what we did for the first challenge. I know for the second year we had to do the saltine cracker challenge. Eat six slash whoever did it the fastest. So that was awful.

Speaker 1:4:47The video tape it and like, no, well we were all like, oh, okay. Everybody was still when we were living in. Sure. Yeah. And the, the third year and it was the winner of each year. Got To pick what the next challenge was. Okay. So third year I won. So I picked deadlift because I knew for sure. So first, uh, and then the year after that my dad won and he implemented whatever place you got is the place you pick. And that lasted for a while. So like if you get first pick first you get second he picks I'm sure ever. So that lasted for a long time. But this year my friend one and he made it a mountain dew chugging competition. Whoever can drink a 20 ounce mountain dew the fastest, like normal mountain of sugar. You have to be diet mountain dew. Nope. Couldn't be diet.

Speaker 1:5:29That's weak sauce words. So you have to list you gotta take a video of a timer. Health. Yes. Be Sure. And then so you do, you just Bam. And right now I'm just going to the dome in because it hurts. It hurts your throat like a son of a bitch. I don't know if they've ever had before, but it's terrible. I have, I have only had diet mountain dew. It was bad man. So. But anyways, so I've anyway in 13 seconds for the 20 ounces. So I'm in first place right now, but my stomach hurts. I mean it's instantaneous. My hands are shaking. I'm super jittery. And I came into the gym today and I was like, so my stomach is killing me right now. It sucks. It's probably a good spot though. Get your muscles. Uh, some, some sugar. Quick acting. Oh, I could go with doing it a different way.

Speaker 1:6:22That sounds terrible. It was terrible. That sounds awful right now. Your boys in first. So Nice. Hopefully you picked that up. So are you still doing first, second, third like that? Yeah. Well you get to pick. So we also are doing a snake draft for the first time ever. So you pick your spot. So I've been are tricky one. I've got to like try to learn what spots the best. You should just be like yeah I'll pick first. I get to pick first every round but now I kind of liked yeah, in, in snake snake draft for our league and I kind of like the middle. I dislike the toxin last. Like I, I don't like even though you get two in a row, I think it can be nice but I don't like it's a whole different. So you have to think you're like 20 picks away so if you're thinking in your head I want to receiver but I want this guy.

Speaker 1:7:07But is he going to be there in 2015? Yeah, mostly like what I have to do is I have to set, like if I know that I want to pick a position I have to set like um, I don't what, what program you do it again, but I do like I'll, I'll set like three or four deep and then I just hate watching them rattle off and there's, my first pick was my second pick. There was my third pick. I'm down to my fourth pick wide receiver or whatever, you know, position on it and that's why I don't like snakes out what the hell. But then like it, it's a whole different ballgame because then you get to pick first for the second round basically. So now you have to pick your second guy in a row, say if you're last. So I was last last year and I, it, it's such a mind fuck that it was just was terrible in your own head. But yeah, it was awful. Yeah. So I ended up, I ended up drafting a decent team and then everybody got injured.

Speaker 1:7:55I think literally 65 percent of my team was injured or my draft picks were injured, so I ended up having to like an entirely traded. If you draft first, I mean what you're going to pick a running back, right? They have shelf lives. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like you have. I mean you automatically should. Yeah. You know, but then we also do a keeper league. You can see from last year three, one person or one first one person, so you can keep one person, but I don't have all my people were injured so I was on like a third string running back that barely. That ended up barely keep my quarterback every year. Almost side. This should be quarterback and that's imagined if you get to keep Aaron Rodgers, I think I had, I think I had drew brees drew really, really good but not not going to outscore running by now, you know, and that's what sucks is I'd rather get my first year.

Speaker 1:8:47It all depends now because if I pick last, I'm not going to have. No, you're not bruised without score my running, my running backup. But if I pick laugh and we would draw that right, right. The day of. And so I, I have to plan it. I know it's just, it's a crapshoot. But anyway, that's what I was talking. That was talking fantasy football. You're welcome everybody. Yeah, for the guys anyway, probably no one else. No one else wants to hear that shit. But let's get into a today. I learned. Let's get it. Let's go ahead and know that happens to be a health topic. I'm not like directly related. So William Leonard Pickerd, the guy who had a lab and a missile silo and what was once responsible for a third of global LSD supply acid. The drug, just a drug dealer. He predicted the fentanyl, fentanyl epidemic in the nineties, and fentanyl, fentanyl being the higher dosage of a w, the, the. What's the, what do they call it? They call it more like just blows morphine out of the water in dosage and addiction. He said he was like, this will be a problem in the nineties. That's crazy. He's a smart drug dealer.

Speaker 1:10:05Just. He gave a bunch of people, as it'd be scientifically crafted it in a lab. It's better than Jimmy down the street throwing in rat boys' names. Then he also scientifically probably made some fentanyl and was like, oh, and by the way, this is also sweet. So this is going to get, this is going to be a boy. People were going to get addicted to this shit. That's, that's crazy. Yeah. Well, today I learned today we learned, we learned one final thing and I got an athlete shout out a get. Yeah. So scary. So Ashley, she's done several of the races obviously that you guys may have heard. Um, she is a, uh, she zach's sister, but also she is into the Spartan races and she is ranked. Get this. Okay. So she's ranked for her age group, seventh in the world, the world, the world that, yeah, this, this entire world of Spartan races and she is ranked 51st in the world for her gender out of every age group.

Speaker 1:11:11And then out of everyone, every age group, every gender. She is a 167th overall in the world. It's pretty impressive, dad, just pretty impressive. I just, I just got a text, uh, that, that had the updated scores on Spartan race website and so, uh, I was pretty pumped to throw that in today. So congratulations. Ashley. She is a crave sponsored athlete. Mack does or Carolina or somewhere in the eight. One of the Carolina's. Carolina. Yeah. And she killed it there. She got second there. So that makes her cheek. These two races at the end of this, at the end of the summer,

Speaker 4:11:54she got first and second. So one of the six people ranked ahead of her probably right. It was there. I had to had to win, I mean, at least for our age group or something. So impressive stuff. So congratulations. I actually, um, and talking about athletes, we are getting into our new season, so we're going to dive into some details here. We are diving into heart and hustle starting on Monday, which will be a change schedule. It'll be a condensed schedule for everybody since it is the holiday. I think we're just gonna have a noon session, so everybody is invited to come slam the noon session for the first day of the. No, you're not working. We know you're not working. There's no excuse you. You don't have to get up early. You probably shouldn't be drinking yet.

Speaker 5:12:44If this was Sunday, sure. Ten, 10:00 AM drinking is allowed to work the next day. Hey, this is. This is basically, I mean you got work the next day. What do you do? And drinking and drinking Italian tanium future Jordan over here at noon on Monday one

Speaker 4:13:00day, but we are starting the heart and hustle. The quote of the season is positive actions create positive results and uh, and, and that's so true in health and small little habits that we create daily will obviously increase our health overall and it'll just get easier from there. So we are challenging all of you, all of our athletes and all of our listeners here to change one thing, starting in September, change one thing to increase your health. Whether that's giving up a bad habit or if that's starting a good habit, you know, if it is drinking more water throughout the day, that it would be a good habit to get into if it's stopping smoking, if it's stopping a chewing, if it's, you know, if you have a bad habit that you're in, if it's stopping sleeping in until 11:00 AM, you know, and, and, or drinking at 10:00 AM and skipping a workout, you know, those are things that we want to make sure that we're concentrating on.

Speaker 4:14:00And also if we also want to, if you are in the age of needing a physical at the doctor, we are encouraging everybody to actually get into the doctor if this is once a year where we go over heart and hustle and we do talk about this health, getting those health screens in, um, making sure that, you know, you're doing self testing for cancer, uh, and, and all of that kind of stuff. So we are partnered with a Susan g dot Komen, which is, this is going to be an awesome. This is going to be really, really cool partnership this season. We're going to be with them and we have talked to some representatives with them, so we will be having a, um, having them on the podcast to talk about their organization. So keep in touch for that. Uh, that will be coming up this season. We will also be talking to them.

Speaker 4:14:50They have a lot of survivors that are involved in their organizations, cancer survivors and so we will be talking to a lot of them about their stories this season in, on the podcast, we're going to be talking a lot about cancer. Um, and we're going to be talking to people that are going through cancer. We are going to be talking about people that have gone through cancer, family members of people that have gone through cancer and people that it has affected and hopefully being able to change health habits and being able to get on the right track to try to avoid some of those things. Um, because it's, uh, it's a really serious problem out there right now. You know, with everything that if there's something that we can do to prevent and reduce our chances, we want to try to do that and really focus on it this season.

Speaker 4:15:37So that's kind of the the organization that will be working with inside of the gym. We will be doing extra cardio. So all of you people out there that like the cardio, we're switching the clocks up the order we're switching up. We're going upper, upper total, total, lower, lower is what we're doing so, so that there will be a new order. Stay tuned for that. If you're getting into your workouts. We have a new order going on. We also have a couple challenges. So for everyone that works out at least the three times per week for this season, is that. Is that classes or is that working out on your own? You're talking to classes were to. I'm talking general. If you get in the gym and you use your key fob. Okay. Because logistically that's the only way I can track. Just stand by the door.

Speaker 4:16:23Do you dive in? Do you care about this or not? Devil. Literally, if you want, well, if you want us to donate you logistically, you really don't even have to work out. Just come here, scan your card and leave. And uh, if you do, if for everybody in this eight weeks that scans 24 times, crave will donate to Susan g Komen and uh, and so will donate on behalf of every athlete that does that. So we're super excited. We want attendance to be as high as possible here this season and make us put our money where our mouth is and donate to Susan g Komen. So that is, that is challenge number one on, you know, we have the kind of the overall umbrella of health challenging your health, thinking about your health, keeping that top of mind specifically challenging you to get in at least 24 times this season.

Speaker 4:17:14That's challenged. That's challenge number one under the big umbrella. And the, uh, the second activity that we have is going to be really, really cool. On October first we are going to be doing a, is it a nice, so it'll be a, it'll be a birthday, a Jordan birthday, Monday, Monday. And it'll be, is it a Monday, which is nice. So, um, so it will be a condensed workout schedule. We at night and we will be doing a all day long pink out training. So everybody wear pink. The night sessions will be condensed to one session at night and we will be trying to get as many people to that session as possible. Everybody wearing pink. Um, we will also be, we invited Susan g dot Komen and there'll be a lot of survivors that are going to be coming and working out with us that day as well.

Speaker 4:18:05So that'll be really cool to get everybody together, get a giant training session going and hopefully we can flood the place and make it difficult for us to plan that workout. And, and that's the most fun time because uh, then you challenge us coaches too. So, um, so we want to make sure that everybody on October first plan on working out wearing your pink and um, you know, meeting some, really a really strong survivors with uh, with Susan g Komen as well. And then there is a race for the cure on October 27th. So the third thing that we're doing this season in eight weeks on October 27th, we have a race for the cure, I believe it's a Saturday morning actually. I know it's a Saturday morning and it's definitely a Saturday morning. So I'm so I believe it is and I know it is, but it is race for the cure.

Speaker 4:18:55So we want to try to get as many people involved as possible. We will have links and all of that kind of stuff up on our social media as well as attached to all of our, uh, Jim closet stuff and go to that link. We already have a team set up, we already have a donation page setup. So all of that will be available for you to sign up and start raising money for a great cause. There is that. Is the donation page you it set up already? Is it on the crave website is right now. So right now we're set up through Susan g Komen, so it's a page from them, but we will have that, that link, we will have it on our facebook or instagram, so go to crave Jim facebook, instagram, go. We'll have it. We'll link it to this episode on or probably all of our episodes for this season will link the donation page until October 27th to our gym closet, podcast, facebook and our instagram and we'll have been trying to share that.

Speaker 4:19:52That'll also be on our team. A team crave Jim West, Des Moines private group that you can jump on there and check that out. Go to that link, we can donate to our team. You can sign up and then you can. You will also get a donate page for your personal sign up if you do sign up and then you can raise money and share, share with all of your friends as well. So we encourage all of that to share it. Can people donate on behalf of me or whatever. They can just donate to crave it doesn't mean it will all be. Yeah. Yep. So it'll all be. It'll all funnel to crave Jim's team, everybody will gather personal, a personal donations and that will all funnel to crave Jim's total, uh, for, for the race. Okay. Yep. Yep. So that'll be something to keep an eye out for.

Speaker 4:20:39We will have that all posted right when the season starts. So, um, we're gonna start hopefully donating, um, and getting, getting some stuff there. I mean our, our group of athletes is amazing with the amount of, every season, you know, we work with a different organization and we continue to give to, you know, to, to different people at that are in need and in that go to good causes. So we don't, don't expect, you don't have to donate money every single season, you know, I encourage you to, to donate if you can, but if you can donate your time, if you can sign up for the race, all of that kind of stuff goes towards that. And guess what? All you need to do is come in and workout 24 times in the next eight weeks and we'll donate on your behalf. So that's, that's kind of what we want to make sure that we're, we're giving different opportunities to not only donate with actual money, but donate your time, donate with your effort and we can and we can donate on your behalf as far as actual money.

Speaker 4:21:38So, um, and then weekly, don't forget to listen to the gym closet podcasts. We're going to have some awesome interviews. This is a preseason. Shout out and this is a preseason season. What is it, a preview preview season preview as, as we get into this new season and we are going to have an awesome season. We are so excited. Keep your eyes open for all of this different material and then a follow us at the gym closet podcasts on either itunes or stitcher. Check us out at Jim Closet podcast on instagram and facebook. Go to crave Jim, like our page on facebook. Follow us on instagram and you'll get all this information and we are. We're super excited. This season is going to be awesome. This is actually the first season that we started seasons with a year ago. Hey, so we have made it around the horn and so we have some really cool stuff that is, that we've been able to set up and foster some extra relationships and stuff like that because we've had, um, some of the logistic stuff already set up from last year.

Speaker 4:22:47So it's been a really cool journey here, getting ready for the season and being able to do some really cool stuff. So every season we're hoping to improve on what we do as a gym, what we do as owners and um, being able to extend that to the athlete and help out each organization as much as we can. I think my goal, you know, as, as an owner of crave Jim, is to have the most. I was going to say, Phil, if Phil a rapists stick full anthropic I don't know how to say that philanthropic philanthropic that is actually, I know that's the word. Um, so my goal is to be the, have the most impact as a gym in not only the city, not only the state, but if we can be, you know, the, the biggest impact as a gym community. Um, as we open up our second location, we can just expand that and we can really make a difference, you know, when, when it comes to our athletes, just having the community and having the base of athletes that we have, we can make a big difference for some of the things that we're doing and all I want to do is give you guys the opportunity to show how dedicated and how, uh, how well you guys do when called upon to those things.

Speaker 4:24:03So yeah. So it's an awesome opportunity. We're super excited. That will be it for today. Unless Jordan has anything else to add you, you and I should add it. If we're going to challenge everybody to do one thing healthier, we had to come on this next time with something that we came up with. Yes. Yes. That's a great idea. So I already have something really in mind that, that I need to do. So I'm Jordan challenges onto you by next week we will have a, we'll have something that we're gonna we're going do to help grab us and tell us what they're doing. Yeah, tell us everybody. Yeah, grab your coach, tell us, um, you know, make sure what we should do, what we might do actually is have pronounced sheets and just make everybody write stuff down. Yeah. And then after every session, like, yeah, and then, um, don't, don't marginalize what you're doing is saying it's too small of a change.

Speaker 4:24:50So I'm not going to do it. Right. Tyler was saying about if we do this once a year and bring up the doctor's appointment and you get a doctor's checkup once a year when you were getting none, right? That's the thing. That's the thing. Don't marginalize it. Don't pretend like you didn't do something that is very good for your health and could be very, very beneficial. You never know. That's, that's a crazy little bit. Drink a little more water. That's a great thing. Sounds small. You have no idea how good for you. That is. Yeah. And it gets you into a huge and a huge habit, right? That can affect you for the rest of the year and you know, and if you do something huge, get a little more sleep. Nonsmoking more power to you. If you do choose something huge and you stick with it, yes.

Speaker 4:25:26More powers to goals that, that are, you know, that I will commend people for. Yeah, for sure. But this, no, no, but if it's going from six hours of sleep to seven hours of sleep, and that's huge too, you know. Um, and so those little things that you think are little will actually make a huge difference in your life. So we are so excited to get some of these things out for people. And uh, here's some of what you guys would get to do for changing your life. So that's it for the gym class. Yeah. I love you guys say, yeah.

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